Frequently asked questions

Thanks for visiting Wellington's free waterfront WiFi. We thought we’d answer a few questions here that might be rattling around in people’s heads.

What is Trade Me FREE WiFi?

It’s a joint effort by Trade Me and Wellington City Council. It’s free and public and means visitors to the waterfront can surf the internet from outside the NZX Centre, and along the waterfront side of Te Papa.

Why is it here?

We thought it was a good thing to do. Trade Me is an online business and we love being part of Wellington, and we hope that lots of locals, tourists, travelling business people and community groups get amongst it. Wellington City Council thought it was a great idea too.

What are the terms and conditions around using the service?

They are set out over here.

Where can I get it?

Along the waterfront within range of the Trade Me access points.


Note! Some access points are still under construction.

Who was involved in getting it up and running?

As well as Trade Me and Wellington City Council, quite a few organisations have been involved. In particular, thanks heaps to:

What technology is involved?

Outdoor high performance, multi-radio 802.11n mesh access points have been placed in and around the NZX Centre and Te Papa.

Trade Me. Absolutely Positively Wellington.